Every Child Deserves Their Shot

A Letter from the President

Research has definitively shown many American young people battle food insecurity, housing insecurity and unequal education. These triple threats destroy many young lives. It is not enough to work with individual young people to mitigate their daily challenges. Time and again, research shows, if families, communities, schools and the larger society are not engaged, promising young people will fail. They will drop out of school. They will start their families too young. They will make risky, dangerous choices because they have lost hope in their future. Their dreams will be deferred.

In order to have a genuine charitable impact, we telescope our corporate responsibility efforts on under-served, young people.

There is an answer to generational poverty.

We believe in whole of society approaches. That is why we support programs that effectively reach into family systems, schools, and communities to create the conditions young people need to thrive. And it is why we seek out our own service projects – like our Young Scholar Award Program – to trail blaze better ways to help young people.

Nancy Langer

We are blessed to be in the position to donate time, money, and love. Every child deserves a fair shot at the American dream.