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Vets24 Conference in Orlando, Fl. May 20-23, 2024

In Person Event

The VETS24 Conference
May 20-23, 2024

sbLiftOff is proud to Sponsor The VETS24 Conference. Our CEO, Sharon Heaton will be speaking on Veteran’s Access to Capital on Tuesday May 21st at 10am and teaching an M&A Masterclass Thursday May 22nd at 9am. Hosted by the National Veteran Small Business Coalition, VETS24 is the premier Federal small business event focused exclusively on GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

The VETS24 Conference brings together Federal Procurement Decision Makers + Large Prime Contractors + Procurement Ready Small Business Leaders for 3 days of non-stop Networking, Training, and Teaming! 60+ content-rich training sessions. 150+ Vendors & Teaming Partners on the industry’s’ largest Exhibit Hall! Everything and everyone you need to Grow Your Business will be at the VETS24 Conference!