The Counterintuitive Truth of Selling Your Company

Want to successfully sell your company? Get out of the way! We can all agree: When you’re ready to sell your company, you want to be sure that it’s truly ready to sell. And what makes a company most likely to be acquired might surprise you. Most business owners have dedicated their lives to ensure … Read more

How Long Does the Typical M&A Deal Take?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be a complex and time-consuming process, involving multiple stages and negotiations. As a result, one of the most common questions asked by companies considering M&A is how long the process will take. While the timeline can vary depending on a range of factors, there are some general guidelines that can … Read more

What are the three stages of M&A?

Subject: The Three Stages of M&A: Preparation, Dating (ooo-lala), and Closing Do you remember planning your wedding? Get ready! More of a visual learner? Here is the topic in video. Preparation The first stage of M&A is preparation. This involves developing marketing materials and the company story, as well as reviewing all relevant financial and … Read more

Where can I find M&A Data?

Saturday Send! The GovCon M&A Blog from sbLiftOff Bigfoot is …Here? There? Follow his trail for this topic in video form. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an important part of the business landscape, providing companies with opportunities to expand their operations, enter new markets, and achieve strategic goals. In terms of publicly traded companies going … Read more

Why Do So Many M&A Deals Fail?

Without being too technical (…yawn), let’s explore what the term failure means. For an M&A deal, it could be two separate things. One is that the deal doesn't close. Two is that the deal closes but the combined entities are worth less than the entities were prior to the transaction (yikes).

Will M&A be hot or cold in 2023?

The M&A market has been hot and cold over the last several years with ups and downs in deal volume. However, the market has mostly been hot, with 2018 and 2019 being considered very strong years for M&A.