Sellside and Buyside Services

Sellside Team

Our team helps you determine key value drivers in your business including the strength of your management team, risk management, accuracy of financials, compliance, and the overall transferability of the business. We surface any barriers to sale, problem solve, suggest actionable quick improvements, and give you a reasonable idea of what your business might draw in the market today. From start to finish, sbLiftOff quarterbacks every aspect of the sale process, even supporting issues post close.

Higher Purchase Price
When a company is effectively positioned in the market the right group of strategic buyers will see greater value in the acquisition.

Negotiating Better Terms
A blizzard of complex terms can end up making a huge difference to the overall return from your sale.

Identifying and Engaging the Right Buyers or Sellers
Targeting buyers who are the best fit for your company leads to a better and more stable transaction.

Reducing Time-to-Close
Extensive transaction experience and market expertise reduce the opportunity costs associated with drawn-out transactions, such as legal costs, as well as increases the likelihood and speed of close.

Enhancing Deal Structuring
It’s important to maximize value and minimize tax implications. The goal is an ideal mix of any of these: cash at close, seller financing, retained equity, and earnout.

Employees, customers, and competitors must not know about the deal until the deal is done. Otherwise, your company’s value will take a hit.

Mitigating Risks
Surfacing any hidden liabilities, regulatory or operational issues that could impact your deal’s value and addressing them upfront can save substantial costs down the line.

Buyside Team

Our deal team can support you to identify worthwhile investment and acquisition opportunities, structure and negotiate transactions on your behalf and manage the transaction process from the initial NDA through closing. We work with buyers, including private equity funds, seeking to acquire privately held companies.

“We believe a good M&A advisor pays for themself by enhancing deal value and likelihood of close.”
– CEO Sharon Heaton