Where can I find M&A Data?

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an important part of the business landscape, providing companies with opportunities to expand their operations, enter new markets, and achieve strategic goals.

In terms of publicly traded companies going through M&A, that information is generally disclosed to the public.

However, finding information about privately held companies and M&A deals can be a challenge. Privately held companies do not need to disclose their M&A transactions.  Some privately held companies may disclose the fact that they have been acquired, but many others do not.

Even those that disclose their acquisition, most would not provide information about the purchase price or the structure of the transaction.
Fortunately, there are some resources available for those looking for information about recent M&A deals in the privately held market. One option is to use online databases such as PitchBook and PrivCo. These databases estimate information about privately held M&A transactions, including the purchase price, structure, and industry sector.

While these sources can provide directionally accurate information about recent deals in the privately held market. The best data comes from experienced advisors who are in market every day with the experience and connections needed.  With the right resources, you can stay informed about the latest M&A trends and opportunities (hint: it’s not Bigfoot).