Nancy Langer

Co-Founder & President

Nancy Langer has decades of experience serving on operating committees and advancing strategic business plans for government contractors and professional services companies. At sbLiftOff, she is focused on improving the quality and success of marketing businesses to a growing proprietary database of buyers. With a career in brand building, marketing, and on expert teams at think tanks, Ms. Langer helps the deal team reimagine future growth stories and craft compelling business narratives that excite buyer appetite. She also heads sbLiftOff’s corporate philanthropy.

Prior to sbLiftOff, she served as Director of External Relations at the Stimson Center, a government contractor in Washington, DC. Ms. Langer’s communications work on water security at Stimson helped the organization win a MacArthur Genius Grant award. Prior to Stimson, Ms. Langer held senior leadership roles at global multilateral organizations and national non-profits, serving on four continents, including in war zones. Her thought leadership has been profiled in U.S. News & World Report, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the International Herald Tribune; she has published in such venues as USA Today, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Playboy and The Baltimore Sun. Ms. Langer produced the UN’s first YouTube video; her ad campaign for the UNHCR with Meryl Streep won an Advertising Council award.

She received a BA from Goucher College.

CELL: (410) 236-0481