Client Story: Security Vault Works

A trifecta of acquisitions creates a market-leading provider of outsourced business services

The Challenge:

A husband and wife grew their company from the kitchen table into the nation’s largest provider of full-service installations of self-service kiosks and automated teller machines over 30 years. Their business got a major boast when the Americans with Disabilities Act required banks to make ATMs accessible. Security Vault Works did much of that work and grew to serve financial institutions across America. While the owners understood the profitable business they had built, focused primarily on installing ATMs and related services, they knew that the company had to identify new growth areas.

The Approach:

The owners believed that the company could grow into new end-markets substantially faster with the addition of a sales-oriented executive management team. We decided to pursue a multi-pronged strategy looking at both strategic and financial buyers. The growth of architecturally embedded technology, not just ATMs in walls and outdoor structures, but amenities including embedded office lobby directories and self service kiosks, offered a look into the future of what Security Vault Works’ nationwide work force could do.

The Impact:

The combination of PowerHouse and Security Vault Works yielded an entity with close relationships with the nation’s financial institutions as well as a national workforce. Meanwhile the husband and wife were able to have a successful and rewarding liquidity event as they transition into retirement.


Security Vault Works


Construction Services


Sellside Advisor


October 2019