New Blog…and more!

Introducing Our New Blog:  Saturday Send! The GovCon M&A Blog from sbLiftOff

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new blog.  In addition to the blog, we recently updated our YouTube channel and LinkedIn.  All of our content will be focused on the Government Contracting community within the realm of mergers and acquisitions.  

Our new blog will feature regular posts covering topics such as preparing to sell your company, how to sell your company, how sellers get paid, M&A Strategy, and much more!  We’ll also be sharing insights and best practices from industry experts that you might find useful and interesting.

A lot of these blogs will also be shared on our recently revamped YouTube channel in video form allowing our GovCon community to digest the material in a different way.  You can find said videos here. Start by checking out the “Top 4 Videos for GovCon Owners”.

Our LinkedIn page will be the hub for our latest company news and updates, as well as insights into industry trends and developments. We’ll also be sharing valuable resources such as whitepapers and webinars, all geared towards helping you understand GovCon M&A.

Stay tuned!

ps. What would a GovCon post be without The Capitol building?  Here we present to you: The Capitol building in year 3023 according to Artificial Intelligence!