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Our senior team has advised on over 100 transactions totaling more than $15 billion in deal value. Our passion is supporting founder owners so they can grow successful businesses and transfer them when the time is right. As an objective, strategic advisor sb LiftOff helps owners see their companies from a new perspective, identifying strengths and weaknesses, key drivers to value, and any barriers to transfer. To increase an owner’s options, sb LiftOff works with companies to implement value enhancement recommendations and remove obstacles to sale. When the owner is ready, sb LiftOff will prepare the company for market, find an appropriate buyer, negotiate and close a transaction. Lift off to your next goal in life!

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Over 100 transactions

Our senior team has advised on more than 100 transactions.

More than $15 billion

We have advised on transactions totaling more than $15 billion in value.

50 years and counting

Our senior team has more than 50 years of combined experience in M&A transactions.

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sb LiftOff’s Clarity Report analyzes the company’s financials, provides a current valuation and then reviews other challenges and opportunities facing the company, such as market growth, barriers to sale and operations. Get clarity.


If you understand how qualified buyers will assess your business value you can chart a course to a higher valuation. Focus on growing value. This gives you the ability to monetize that increased value when it comes time to exit.


sb LiftOff helps you explore the range of options available to business owners. Options range from selling to a third party, inter-generational transfers, an acquisition plan, bringing in outside management, employee buyouts, and more. Know your options.

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